It’s an East Coast snowboard party on hill at Mt. Hood as Mike Rav, Parkszoom, Johnny O’Connor, Cole Navin, Bar Dadon surf the white waves at High Cascade. The crew is joined by Max Warbs, Blaze and Sage Kotsenburg, Logan Beaulieu, Ben Bilodeau and even The Summer Snowboard Movie filmer Tyler Orton gets in front of the lens for a few clips. These guys are HCSC alums and finding the perfect summer swell at snowboard camp is their collective specialty. It’s still March, but the itch for July ‘boarding is strong as we start to near the end of the winter season. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about warm, sunny park riding. Summer snowboard party, anyone? Enjoy part 5 of High Cascade’s The Summer Snowboard Movie and make sure to sign up for your own week at this warm weather destination at Rav, Max, Johnny and Sage will all be back this year and you could clip up alongside these guys!

From High Cascade:

Thinking about all of the bumps and transitions found on Mount Hood outside of our immaculately groomed private parks, it really reminds us that we have access to the worlds best skate park on-snow all summer long! Join skate rats and Signature Session™ Pros Mike Ravelson, Max Warbington, Johnny O'Connor, and tons of other HCSC Staff members and friends as they show you what summer snowboarding looks like in their eyes.

Featuring the snowboarding of Mike Ravelson, Parker Szumowski, Johnny O'Connor, Cole Navin, Bar Dadon, Max Warbington, Ben Bilodeau, Blaze Kotsenburg, Sage Kotsenburg, Tyler Orton, and Logan Beaulieu

The Summer Snowboard Movie was filmed by Tyler Orton, RJ McNichols, Matt Roberge, Eli Olson, Mia Lambson, Adam "Beff" Ruzzamenti, and Devon Bernard during the Summer of 2015. Edited by Tyler Orton (also in the state of Oregon – pretty cool, huh?).

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