It’s the summer of Jesse in the final part of High Cascade’s The Summer Snowboard Movie as Mr. Gouveia closes out the season at this Mt. Hood summer snowboarding paradise. Jesse’s riding is explosively fun and the soft summer snow is the perfect canvas for this Washington rider to really do the dang thing. While we never want anything as rad as The Summer Snowboard Movie to end, at least it’s just about time to start filming for he next edition to the HCSC video canon. As winter winds down, June kicks of the season in Oregon and there’s still opportunity to make sure you’re riding alongside your favorite pros at the best summer snowboard party out there. Check out the 2016 dates and prices at HCSC.

From High Cascade:

We couldn't think of a better way to wrap up the Summer Snowboard Movie than with one of the best styles in snowboarding. HCSC Counselor and master of standing sideways (you should see him skateboard!) Jesse Gouveia casually crushes everything in his path, and boy, crushing has never looked so good.

Featuring the snowboarding of Jesse Gouveia.

The Summer Snowboard Movie was filmed by Tyler Orton, RJ McNichols, Matt Roberge, Eli Olson, Mia Lambson, Adam "Beff" Ruzzamenti, and Devon Bernard during the Summer of 2015. Edited by Tyler Orton (also in the state of Oregon – pretty cool, huh?).

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