It’s time. The High Cascade Session 1 video has been released. While there’s always anticipation for the first session recap of the year, there was definitely even more this summer seeing as Lick the Cat had claimed status as the Session 1 Signature Sessioners. And this gangly crew of boarders didn’t disappoint. Spencer Schubert, Blake Paul, Sage Kotsenburg, Max and Gus Warbington, and Ben Bilodeau stacked on the glacier in the way that only the young men of LTC can, combining their boarding talents with Jesse Gouveia, JD Dennis, Nick Doucette, Kevin Maples, and more to produce one heck of an intro to summer. Cameos from Mike Schubert, a gold medal, and a vindictive slackline. Enjoy the HCSC Session 1 edit and stay tuned for more, because this is only the kick of to the High Cascade’s 25th year at Mt. Hood.