words: Tom Johnson
photos: Danny Kern,Logan Guerry, and Marc O”Malley

With school letting out, the seasonal shift into summer, and Go Skateboarding Day happening during Session 1, it seems rather fitting that Mother Nature provided us with endless sun for the first eight days of camp at High Cascade! We sat down with all-terrain ripper and Signature Session™ Pro Mike Ravelson after curfew (ssshhh, don’t tell our counselor), talked Session 1 and what he was up to before arriving in Government Camp.

HCSC: Mike, thank you so much for being here with us, how’s things?
Thank you guys! Things are so good.

You’ve been playing guitar and surfing a bunch back home in New Hampshire, right? Can you give us a little more info?
Yes, been staying busy with my creative outlets. We’ve got a really cool thing going on on the New Hampshire Seacoast right now. I’m really fortunate to get to collaborate with so many talented and motivated people; it’s been real fun.

Tons of quarterpipe action this week, huh? Anything that you saw out there that blew your mind?
The entire camp came together to showcase an incredible display of snowboarding every day. We’ll give the shout out to the entire Session 1 crew. The Diggers crushed it. Thanks, gang.

Go Skateboarding Day happened during Session 1 on June 21st, did you get to rip with the campers?
Oh, absolutely! Got to skate the bowls for hours! I pretty much learned how to skateboard on the High Cascade ramps, so skating those bowls never really gets old for me. We had an amazing skate crew this session.

Can you give us the top secret recipe for packing the best lunch for onhill?
Actually, yes. For lunch at camp I’ve been making a sandwich that is comprised of a toasted everything bagel, cream cheese, avocado, and tomato. Also, be sure to have either a banana or orange. I usually try to pack both. Oh, and never forget some sort of chocolate item, for example, Snickers, any kind of dark chocolate, or chocolate covered espresso beans. Done deal.

What’s planned for post-camp?
Currently working at a restaurant, cooking. Going to go home, finish off the summer working, skating, and doing whatever. Also, get my mind together for next season. Can’t wait.

Anything else you want to add?
Life is good. Thank you, everyone.

Space is still available for summer sessions at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. For more information, visit the website at Highcascade.com, or call them in Government Camp, OR at 503.206.8520




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