High Cascade Session 2 – recap and photos


words and captions: Tanner McCarty
photos: Greg Furey and Cole Martin

You should know that when Bode Merrill, Chris Beresford, Brandon Hobush, Brandon Cocard, Marie Hucal and Desiree Melancon are all together, there will be some serious ‘boarding being done. More importantly, there will be some serious hilarity as these guys never stop having fun. And that is just what happened last week at High Cascade Session 2. On top of having some the best humans as our Signature Sessioners, who hung out, ate ice cream, tramp-skated, and bowl-skated all week, the Second Annual Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational went down, bringing even more talent into the High Cascade park. I met up with Chris Beresford to find out how his week went at camp.

Tanner: Chris, I happen to hear you were fiending for Cobra Dogs upon your arrival to Govy. How many dogs did you put down this week?
Chris: I ate probably six. I think one every day.

What's your typical dog consist of?
All beef boa, Cobra style, no fun (sauerkraut). Lately I've have been adding some jalapenos to spice things up.

Besides the Merril Minipipe contest what kind of stuff was happening on the hill?
Umm I heard Jaeger did a boardslide front rodeo seven which is messed up, and the QP sessions were always off the hook. Oh, but the Dave Marx shirtless minipipe run was one of the best moments of the week.

I will second that notion. 4th of July coming up in the next couple days. What kinds of traditions do you have?
Rockets, sodas, and babes.

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