words and captions by Tanner McCarty
photos by Greg Furey and Cole Martin

If the volcano isn't scorching from highly pressurized lava in the magma chamber, then it's because High Cascade brought the heat during Session 3. First off we had the All-American Signature Session™ Pro's Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith and Pat Moore, with a side of Canadian blood, Leanne Pelosi and Hellen Schettini. We also had summer’s best snowboard contest, The Rat Race that brought in heavy hitters like Scotty Wittlake, Temple Cummings, and Terje Haakonsen. This combined with six blue bird days of summer snowboarding in the High Cascade private park made for one heck of a session. I chatted with Pat Moore after stuffing face at the renown High Cascade Thanksgiving dinner to find out what keeps him coming back year after year.

Tanner: How long have you been coming to High Cascade for?
Pat: I was a camper for like 3 years, and then was on the High Cascade Team for a couple years then had a Signature Session for the last 6 years.

Which is better, being a camper or a Signature Session™ Pro?
Being a camper was pretty sweet. Haha.

What was your favorite experience as a camper?
Just getting to ride with all the pros that were in town.

Oh so like Terje Haakonsen? I saw his board in the Ass Industries tent before his winning run. What on earth happened in there?
We lubed him up pretty good. Haha.

Besides the Rat Race, what were some of your favorite moments this week?
Salt bag race last day on hill was pretty sweet, the handplant clinic was rad and giving my buddy Kevin a giant card that all the campers signed wishing him well through his cancer treatment was the best.