We're rounding into the back half of the summer and things keep heating up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Mount Hood and in Government Camp. With Signature Session™ Pros Bode Merrill, Brandon Cocard, Jess Kimura, Chris Beresford, and Desiree Melancon in town, we have been spinning endless laps on the Palmer lift, mobbing around our private parks on Mount Hood, and doing some seriously fun hanging back in Government Camp.

We sat down with Signature Session™ Pro and hot dog aficionado Spencer Schubert to talk about slangin' dogs, summer boardin, and what the heck else he's been up to.

High Cascade: Hey Spencer, what's going on? How's things?
Spencer Schubert: Baller, V baller.

You were a Signature Session™ Pro during Session 2 (the #LTCPsychoSession, of course) and now you're back to slangin' dogs, give us the rundown on how things have been post-Session 2.
Lots of water, electrolytes, ibuprofen, and sleep…I've also been at Cobra Dogs a bunch, and I put peanut butter on the menu… that has been pretty funny.

Did you film for a video project this past winter? Can you give us some insight into what you did, who you filmed with, etc?
I filmed for the 32 movie, 2032. I was mostly on the East Coast with Skylar(k) Brent, Johnny O'Connor, Kas Lemmings, and Dylan Alito. Watch out for Kas' part this year…

Outside of snowboarding, what else have you been up to this summer?
I've been trying to sneak into Activity Day trips when HCSC goes white water rafting any chance that I get.

What's your plan post camp? Anything happening?
I think that I might get a bike* [editor’s note: bicycle, not a motorcycle] and ride down to Southern California from Oregon. I really need to work off this dad bod before I get to the beach for the rest of summer.

Thanks a ton Spencer, see ya at Cobra Dogs
VERY limited space is still available for Session 6, and we're joining Signature Session™ Pros Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, and Jesse Burtner in saying, "Come Ride With Us!" For more information, visit the dates and prices page on our website, or give us a call in Oregon at 503.206.8520.