It’s the swan song from High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The lifts have stopped turning, the rakes have been put away, and the streets of Government Camp are quiet; summer 2015 has come to a close. But endings aren’t always a bad thing…the High Cascade Session 6 edit is chock full of the summertime turning that has been lighting up Mount Hood since mid-June and the boys don’t disappoint in the warm season closer. Ben Strause, Ted Borland, Brandon Reis, Jesse Gouveia, Lucio Doglioni Majer, Miles Fallon, Christian Sparks, Max Warbington, Jesse Burtner, Peter Limberg, Dusty Miller, Kai Ujejski, Matt Larson, Andy Glader, Cooper Whittier, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Jack Harris, and Sam Kline get in the final throes of the season. Enjoy. Playback. Repeat. Continue watching until your local lifts begin to turn and stay tuned, because there’s plenty more action from High Cascade dropping on this winter.