words: Brendon Rego
photos: AG, Tyler Benton, Brendon Rego, Joe Craig

Session 3 of High Cascade kicked off on July 6th playing host to the 6th Annual Rat Race. We're not sure if it was by coincidence of the Rat Race or the tastefulness of the summer shred but Government Camp, OR was infested with snowboard rats from around the globe. Signature Session™ Pros Tim Eddy, Spencer O'Brien, Curtis Ciszek, Austin Smith, and Bryan Fox were met with snowboarding icon's such as Terje Haakonsen, Danny Davis, Jake Blauvelt, as well as legends in the making Austen Sweetin & Sage Kotsenburg. Mt. Hood was met with high energy shred as bluebird skies provided for another week of the ultimate summertime snowboarding conditions. Dodgeball enthusiast Curtis Ciszek seemed to be the most stoked of the group participating in nearly every activity of the week. He brought along snowboard photog Bob Plumb who's face unfortunately served as a target multiple times in the Adidas Snowboarding Dodgeball Arena. The Rat Race sealed up Session 3 on LDOH making it one for the books and not to be forgotten.

With 3 sessions left it may appear that the HCSC train is at half a tank, but make no mistake we will be chugging along full sail! Check out High Cascade's dates and prices and join the summer snowboard party!

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