Preeminent turners, Alex “ALo” Lopez and Blake “bproddi” Paul kick off the second section of High Cascade’s 2016 The Summer Snowboard Movie deftly showcasing that the slushy snow of the warmer months is the perfect playground for dusting off your edges and laying down some carves. ALo and Blake, along with Gus Warbington, Chris Roach, Gigi Ruf, Mike Gray, Austen Sweetin, and many more, hit the hill and dive into a QP session of epic proportions. If you needed a reminder on why snowboarding is the ultimate best, part 2 of The Summer Snowboard Movie is the perfect thing to whet your whistle.

Featuring Alex Lopez, Blake Paul, Gus Warbington, Ben Bilocq, Chris Roach, Cody Horan, Mark Wilson, Mike Gray, Seth Hill, Gigi Ruf, Kevin Holmes, Garrett Warnick, Jake Aaronson, Austen Sweetin, Scott Stevens, Tim Eddy, Andrew Aldridge, Phil Jacques, and Chad Otterstrom.

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From HCSC:

Loud and fast! If you're looking for footage of Signature Session Pros, Authorized Awesome staff members, and ripping campers burning turns, making slashes, and reeeaaalllyy tweaking, look no further than Part 2 of The Summer Snowboard Movie.

The Summer Snowboard Movie was filmed by Tyler Orton, RJ McNichols, Matt Roberge, Eli Olson, Mia Lambson, Adam "Beff" Ruzzamenti, and Devon Bernard during the Summer of 2015. Edited by Tyler Orton (also in the state of Oregon – pretty cool, huh?).

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Watch part 1 of The Summer Snowboard Movie.