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With Higher Learning, SNOWBOARDER is bringing our readers an uncommon array of tricks that each have the distinction of appearing harder to do than they actually are. This month's move–the switch method–is no different. Ever since Bryan Iguchi, Peter Line, Terje Haakonsen, and Noah Brandon advanced straight airs by going tail first, switch methods have been a nuance trick attempted by few but appreciated by all. If an onlooker asks, "Was that switch," then you know you've got 'em dialed.

This month's Higher Learning subject is Crewsaider Cody Rosenthal. Cody is Cheech Marin to his bros and Vincent Chase to his babes. Once buckled in, this Berkshire-bred boarder secretes style. While other east coast academy alumni live by the spin-to-win mantra, Cody is content to flaunt slow rotations, exaggerated tweaks and aggro grabs like frontside three nuclear nosegrabs! The following brands have Cody's backwards riding back:  Electric, Volcom Family, Active, Flux, Grenade,Vestal, Magical GoGo and Core Orthopedic.
––Pat Bridges

1. First, you're probably going to want to learn a regular method. I've found the best way to extend a method is to travel on the jump as if it was a hip. In order to do that you are going to need to carry a bit more speed than for a straight air, then take off from your heels, traveling from heelside to toeside. Make sure the jump isn't too slushy or going off of your heels could be a problem.

2. Once you have the hip-style method down you are going to practice switch ollies off whatever you can find until you are comfortable enough to take them off some jumps. Start small and
work your way up.

3. Popping off your heels helps you kick your board up. I like to grab in-between the bindings. Once you figure out that balance in the air you can test how long and far the extension will go. Beware there is a risk of landing on your belly if you go too big or hold on too long.

4. The angle you take off from should throw your board back under your feet as you let go of the grab and prepare for a smooth landing.

5. Stick it and ride away while screaming, "Switch!"

–Cody Rosenthal

Copper Mtn, CO. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Copper Mtn, CO. Photo: Aaron Dodds