Holy Oly: 2011 “Who, What, Where, When, and Why Not”

Holy Oly 1

How was the mood in the sponsor village? Everyone was "in tents." p: Mike Yoshida

Words: Pat Bridges

Every year the Holy Oly comes up and instead of spending the day surfing Swami's like my SoCal stranded snowboarding media contemporaries I found myself once again paying for a flight to Washington out of pocket and trekking 900 miles up to the Holy Oly. As this is technically a story about my day off I will not be paying attention to grammar and punctuation. As a matter of fact I won't even be writing a new story. Instead I will just showcase the who, what, where, when and why of the Seventh Annual Holy Oly. Deal.

Holy Oly 2

Johnny Lazzereschi nearly got paid on this pole jam backie. Fortunately for him no money changed hands or else he would have to relinquish his "amateur" status and give up his spot in the 32 Am video Ammo. r: Johnny Lazzereschi p: Mike Yoshida

Who: Allister Shultz, Austin Hironaka, Forest Bailey (Mayor Of Tube Town), Russel Winfield, Jason Robinson, Todd Schlosser, Peter Line, Forrest Burki, Johnny Lazzereschi, Ivan Murchinko, Manuel Diaz (Holiest Of The Oly), Jesse Burtner, Krush, Jamie Lynn, Laura Hadar, Joey McGuire, Andy Bergen Sperry, Scotty Wittzle, Bart Pattitucci, Bryan Fox, Kurt Jenson, Jessica Kimura, Sean Genovese, Kyle Fisher, Ben Biloq

Holy Oly 3

Mark Landvick decreed that Stefan Krumm receive the "Land Am" award which entitles the winner to a new snowboard and a free trip to Superpark 15 at Mt. bachelor. r: Stefan Krumm p: Mike Yoshida

What: The largest quarterpipe built in North America in 5 years!

Where: Summit At Snoqualmie or Hyak if you were riding in the 80's.

When: April 9th, 2011.

Why Not: Because this is snowboarding not a fucking apology and quarterpipes with two feet of oververt are badass. How else will you find out who the Holiest of The Oly is? Of note is the fact that 2 pallets of beer were on the line. Plus free Cobra Dogs!

Holy Oly 4

Here is a photo of Mark Landvick at a Superpark in 2002. r: Mark Landvick p: Jimmy Clark

Officially the results are as follows:
NW Method Award- Scotty Whitzle

Mayor of Tube City: Forest Bailey

Future of NW Shred Award: Bart Pattittuchi

Highest Air: Jay Kelly

Land-Am: Stephan Krumm

Holy Diver: Dan Manning

Best Trick: Matt Wainhouse (front 900 tail grab)

Where you been: Allister Schultz
Holiest Of The Oly: Manuel Diaz

Holy Oly 5

The Northwest Filter on iPhoto really does the trick. r: Unknown p: Pat Bridges

Holy Oly 6

"Hi, my name is Allister Schultz. Born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted from an orphanage, I am very blessed with the opportunity to make a life here in the U.S. My passion for snowboarding originated from skateboarding, and I was immediately hooked by the freedom and sense of pureness that it gave me. I have made my home in Bend, Oregon, where riding at Mt. Bachelor on a stormy day with a group of friends is always fun. Although there were bumps along the road, I thank God every day for where I'm at now–and where I came from, all because of this thing we call a snowboard." Allister Schultz Interview circa 2001. r: Allister Shultz p: Mike Yoshida

Holy Oly 7

"It was starting to get late and I was WASTED! It must have been about 12:30AM and some people were going to the disco on the other side of town. Once we got in to the disco I noticed a stage! BINGO! Strip show time! OH YEA! Well it didn't take me long to get up on the stage and start getting to the nakey dance! I don't think too many people knew what I was doing at first but after a few articles of clothing were spiked on the ground I think I had pretty much everyones attention! Yes, I did get all the way down to the good o'l birthday suit! People were whistling and laughin' but I didn't care, I had taken care of my side of the bet. During the whole strip show I had my eye on one very, very, very good lookin' French girl. Once I got my clothes on I walked right up to her and asked her if she wanted to leave. She smiled and said yes! When we got back to her hotel we were in front of her door makin' out and I took her shirt off. Oh My God, I had never seen anything so perfect. Full Playboy style. I still to this day remember the color of her bra. Staring at those things sobered me right up! Seeing as though I was only 19 at the time I had no idea what I had gotten into, so I took off running and laughing all the way back to the bar. When I got back to the bar DR looked at me and asked me why I was back. All I could reply was, "Tits in the hall. Tits in the hall!"" Russel Winfield Interview circa 2011 (recalling '94) R: Russel Winfield p: Pat Bridges

Holy Oly 8

Forest Bailey knows a thing… r: Forest Bailey p: Pat Bridges

Holy Oly 9

…or two about getting high on tubes. r: Forest Bailey p: Pat Bridges

Holy Oly 10

Upon being sworn in as Mayor Of Tube Town Forest Bailey decriminalized marijuana as his first official act. Johnny Lazzereschi then opened a dispensary right next to the hitching post. r: Forest Bailey p: Mike Yoshida

Holy Oly 11

Manuel Diaz has been referred to as the Nicolas Muller of Chile. Not a bad claim. r: Manuel Diaz p: Mike Yoshida

Holy Oly 12

Since he was the only one in attendance that actually knew what "Ocho" meant it was only fitting that Chile's Manuel Diaz won the Holiest Of The Oly. r: Manuel Diaz p: Mike Yoshida