Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 01

Torstein is taking advantage of the closeout on rails. He is clearly a bargain shopper. Rider: Torstein Horgmo. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Words: Heather Hendricks
Photos: Aaron Dodds
Captions: Laura Austin

Today’s slopestyle contest set off under snowy skies in Breckenridge, Colorado concluding the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour.

Heavy snowfall fell throughout the day creating conditions that were less than ideal for the competitors. Whipping wind and nonstop pow proved to be an issue for many of the men and women as brutal falls took place throughout the day. While some riders had trouble putting it down when it counted, others were able to overcome the obstacles landing extremely progressive runs on the massive course.

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 03

How nice would it be if you were staying in that lodge below? Bath robes, hot cocoa, fire place, and Chas Guldemond hucking himself right outside your window. Rider: Chas Guldemond. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Norway’s Torstein Horgmo was on fire today and took the win with his first run. Horgmo annihilated the course by throwing down a run that included a switch frontside double cork 10 and a switch backside 9. This run was super technical and the  judges gave it the highest score of the day, a 96.50.

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 02

Jamie called the park staff before the competition to see what color they were painting the lip lines so that she could coordinate her outfit. Good move Jamie. Rider: Jamie Anderson. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

After the contest Horgmo said, "I'm glad I landed on my feet today and hit all of the jumps. The course was pretty cool, and I'm stoked to start off the season with a win."

Coming in a solid second was young-gun Mark McMorris. This 17-year old Canadian shredder had the course dialed and impressed the judges with his lofty tricks and smooth style.

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 05

If you want to make a photo appear artsy, just put an out of focus object in the foreground framing your subject, and turn it black and white. Dodds has it down. Rider: Tyler Flanagan. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

Rounding out the top three was none other than Chaz Guldemond of Reno, NV. Chas was also dominating the course and scored an 88.50 for his boosty back airs and giant spins.

On the ladies’ side of things, Miss Jamie Anderson of South Lake Tahoe took the win after scoring a 93.00 on her first run. Anderson was sending it and soaring over the jumps despite the heavy snowfall which hindered her speed. Jamie stomped a back 180, a switch back 180, a back 3 and a corked front 3 on the massive jump. This win sealed the deal as Jamie’s fifth first place finish throughout Dew Tour history, and made her the winningest athlete in the circuit.

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 04

Why don't people tell jokes about the Jonestown Massacre? The punchlines are too long. Rider: Jamie Anderson. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

Jamie was pumped and said "I feel great winning the first stop of the Tour. Overall the event and the course were awesome, and I hope to carry this momentum into the next stop.”

Nabbing the second place spot was Netherland’s own Charlotte Van Gils who earned a 84.50 in her first run. She stomped a sick front 720 but needed to be more fluid in order to grab a higher score. Coming in third for the ladies was Cheryl Maas who scored a straight up 70. Maas looked comfortable on the massive kickers and was dialed on the two rail features.

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 07

Too bad Alek isn't French. Rider: Alek Ostreng. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

The conclusion of the slopestyle finals was synonymous with the ending of the Nike 6.0 Open of the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, CO. The week long event saw amazing competitive riding despite the powdery conditions. It will be interesting to see what transpires at the next event in Killington, VT that takes place in early next year.

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 08

What were you doing when you were 17 years old? Rider: Mark McMorris. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

While the conditions may have been harrowing it didn't stop the competitors from rising to the occasion and putting down top tricks. Here is a rundown of the best tricks of the day according to the finalists themselves.

"Eric Willet's front double 9 and Torstein Horgmo's cab 10 dub." – Scotty Lago

"Torstein Horgmo's cab ten double and Eric Willets fs ten double." – Mark McMorris

"Mark McMoriss's cab double 9 and Torstein Horgmo's cab double 10." – Sage Kotsenberg

"Scotty Lago's switch double back rodeo and Staale Sanbech's boardslide to fakie on the inside closeout of the Burlington rail." – Alex Oestreng

"Mark McMorriss's first double and Sebastien Toutant's first jib trick on the closeout." – Jamie Anderson

"Scotty Lago's frontside 180 over the closeout rail and Mark McMorriss's cab dub 9 on the first jump was smooth as fuck." – Tyler Flanagan

"Torstein Horgmo's cab 10 dub and Eric Willet's ft 10 dub." – Jeremy Thompson

"Chas Guldemond's cab 1260 double cork on the second jumps and Scotty Lago's switch double bs rodeo 900." – Sebastien Toutant

"Torstein Horgmo's run was amazing and Eric Willet's back to back doubles." – Robbie Walker

“Torstein Horgmo’s cab 10 double on he first and Chas Guldemond’s 50-50 back 3 off the close out rail”- Eric Willet

“Torstein Horgmo’s close out lipslide”- Chas Guldemond

“Chas Guldemond’s back rodeo 5 and Sammy Carlson’s ski spin ski slide spin out on the rainbow box.”- Torstein Hormgo

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 09

Have you ever been to Me neither. Rider: Eric Willett. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

Men’s Slopestyle Results
1 Torstein Horgmo NOR
2 Mark McMorris CAN
3 Chas Guldemond USA
4 Tyler Flanagan USA
5 Jeremy Thompson USA
6 Alex Oestreng NOR
7 Eric Willet USA
8 Scotty Lago USA
9 Sebastien Toutant CAN
10 Staale Sanbech NOR
11 Sage Kotsenberg USA
12 Robbie Walker USA

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 06

Mountain Dew was first made in 1948. The same year that McDonalds was founded and the frisbee was invented. We'll let you make your own deductions about that. Rider: Torstein Horgmo. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

Women’s Slopestyle Results
1 Jamie Anderson USA
2 Charlotte Van Gils NED
3 Cheryl Maas NED
4 Enni Rukajårvi FIN
5 Rebecca Torr NZL
6 Klaudia Medlova SVK

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 10

Women's slopestyle podium. Jamie Anderson, Charlotte Van Gils, and Cheryl Maas. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

Dodds Dew Tour Breck Slope 11

Men's Slopestyle Podium. Torstein Hormgo, Mark McMorris , and Chas Guldemond. Photo: Aaron Dodds