Scotty Lago is unhuman. The dude is practically through the wire from a Jackson Hole knee buffet and here he is 2 weeks later competing in 4 Winter X 15 events. That doesn't include competing with Dustin Craven for the attention of Aspens females in the clubs every night either. Dude is driven. R: Scotty Lago P: Ned Cremin

Words: Pat Pridges

Fifteen years ago a snowboarding event was created which would forever change the face of freestyle riding. This gathering took the uncommon approach of pairing progressive terrain features with the riders who were pioneering cutting edge trickery. The result was a catalyst for next level snowboarding on a grand stage. That event was SNOWBOARDER Magazines Superpark. Coincidentally fifteen years ago ESPN produced the inaugural X Games.

The riding on display at the Winter X 15 Big Air left at least one writer speechless which is why this writeup isn't as wordy as the prose of his peers. The double corks stomped stock in every direction is leading to a desensitization of how gnarly these stunts truly are. And then there are the triple cork attempts by Norse Western standout Torstein Horgmo. While not as aesthetically refined as other loop do loops Torstein's drive to make his mark on snowboarding history is unfolding before our eyes and it is exciting and he is worthy of all the props he receives including this Winter X 15 Big Air title.

1.Torstein Horgmo
2. Sebastien Toutant
3. Sage Kotsenburg
4. Mark McMorris
5. Scotty Lago

In both the Best Method and Big Air Scotty Lago was popping ten feet higher than the rest of the field. R: Scotty Lago P: Huggy

Mark McMorris

What people don't realize is that the first off axis rotation on a snowboard was done during a freak snow storm in Ireland. Mick Egger of Cork was the first to throw the lead shoulder down and in turn the trick forever became known as a Cork spin. With his Irish heritage it can be said that Corks are in McMorris's blood. R: Mark McMorris P: Huggy

Marco Grilc is both a great snowboarder and prudent when it comes to his finances. I geuss you could say that this is one Czech that doesn't bounce… Ah? R: Marco Grilc P: Huggy

Mikkel Bang

Adding much needed conventional snowboarding style to the Big Air event was Mikkel Bang. His 180's and 3's were all style and alltime. R: Mikkel Bang P: Huggy

Benjamin Buttons is surprisingly adept at new school tricks for the ages. R: Tyler Flanagan P: Huggy

Five years ago when Sage and Blaise Kotsenberg started coming to SNOWBOARDER's event we made Sage wear green and Blaise wear red so we could tell them apart. Now Sage doesn't have that problem apparently. He just wears his X Games Big Air Bronze to get recognized. R: Sage Kotsenberg P: Ned Cremin

sage seb-toots-2 seb-toots

Why is it that all of the Norwasian riders are so fucking good? It's gotta be the Salmon. R: Torstein Horgmo P: Ned Cremin


Really? Torstein is making history and you have your back turned and are talking to your buddies. This is the triple cork Torstein landed! R: Torstein Horgmo P: Huggy


No need to caption this piece of art. R: Torstein Horgmo P: Huggy

The top three Winter X 15 Big Air finishers. R: (Left to Right) Sebastien Toutant, Torstein Horgmo, Sage Kotsenberg Cremin P: Ned