Mark McMorris Broke My Heart

(Written on a red-eye flight to Cleveland, Ohio)

Yes, it is true. My name is Mark Clavin, I am the online editor at SNOWBOARDER Magazine, and Mark McMorris broke my heart. How? You may ask. Well, let me tell my side of the story.

It was two days ago, May 23, 2018, to be exact, and I was scrolling through Instagram just like any normal day when I abruptly fell out of my chair. I was overcome with emotion. My eyes turned green and filled with tears. This of course, was due to the reflection of McMorris wearing a Boston Celtic's jersey on my screen. I felt hurt and betrayed, and if you are paying attention to the NBA playoffs, then you know why. The Celtics are currently playing the Cavaliers, and as I write this, Boston is up 3-2 in the best of seven series.

Green doesn’t even look good on you. p: Clavin

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, as I wrote last year, I believe the entire snowboarding world should be rooting for LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Both of Lebron's sons snowboard, his manager snowboards, and last year he posted an Instagram of Bronny Jr. riding that has racked up almost 2 million views to date.

Name one Celtic that snowboards? Kyrie is injured. Al Horford is just too damn tall, and for all we know, Gordon Hayward moved away from Salt Lake just to get as far away from snowboarding as possible. But that brings us back to McMorris and company.

Not pictured, the knife in my back. p: Clavin

From time to time, we see Mark rocking the Toronto Raptors jersey. And since 2001, that is the only option for a Canadian looking to support their home team. It has been tough for the Raptors. I get it, the Cavs have knocked them out of the playoffs the past three years in a row, but I never thought McMorris for a frontrunner, except for when he competes on course. And I still don’t think he is.

Not you too, Danny! p: A very sad Clavin.

By the looks of it, he was accompanying Jake Burton and fellow team riders Danny Davis, Ben Ferguson, Mikkel Bang, and Mark Sollors on a trip to the blowout playoff game. Jake is not at fault due to his proximity to Boston. But for the Michigan, Oregon, Norwegian, and fellow Canadian rider… what happened?! I know peer pressure is tough, and Burton's headquarters is pretty close to Massachusetts, but we could have been stronger than that. I expect this type of behavior from riders like Chris Grenier and filmers like Harry Hagan, but not you guys, especially you Mark.

Public enemy #Ferg. p: Clavin

We both spell our names M-A-R-K. We both come from places that start with a "C" (Cleveland and Canada). We have both found a small amount success in the snowboarding world (no need to compare who has found more). And Tristan Thompson, an integral player on the Cavaliers’ roster, is Canadian! He was our common denominator. The Celtics traded their Canadian (Kelly Olynk) after last season, but we held on to ours. But alas, maybe I will have to let my Canadian go as well. Maybe we can find common ground come next snowboarding season… but for now I will have to just cheer alongside Red Gerard. He is from Cleveland and I heard he is a nice kid. I am just sad that it will never be the same. I wish you all the best, but I hope your newfound team disappoints you tonight, as the image of you on Instagram disappointed me just a mere two days ago.

Your fellow Mark,