Pro Talk: Bode Merrill

Bode Merrill is widely regarded as the best snowboarder on earth, and seeing as he helped spearhead a movie titled Pepper last winter and that it comes out this fall, you should be very, very stoked. Off the hill, Bode is as light-hearted and kind as he is intense and insanely talented on it, which is why we decided to feature him in this edition of Pro Talk. Sit back, relax as Bode tells you how the name Pepper came about, what he's been up to this off-season, who his favorite pro snowboarder currently is and much more. This is Bode Merrill's Pro Talk.
—T. Bird

Bode Merrill in Park City, preparing to drop. p: E-Stone

How did the idea for Pepper come about?
Really, I just saw a cool graffiti tag on the side of an abandoned building that said "Pepper." I really liked the tag and thought it might be a good name. But the idea for the movie itself was just that I wanted to get some of my good friends together who happen to be some of the best snowboarders in the world and film a cool movie! 

What does the name mean?
pep·per ˈpepər/noun
1. a pungent, hot-tasting powder prepared from dried and ground peppercorns, commonly used as a spice or condiment to flavor food.
2. a climbing vine with berries that are dried as black or white peppercorns.
3. sprinkle or season (food) with pepper.

popper (paw·purr/noun) – commonly used to spice up a video part. Bode Merrill in Quebec. p: E-Stone

Did you know that Angelina Jolie made a movie called Salt? You guys should team up.
I’ve definitely heard of the movie although I have never seen it. But yeah. I’m very down to team up with Angelina. Obviously. I could teach her to lipslide a single barrel up rail.

Describe Jon Stark in less than five words.

Passionate. Compassionate. Skinny. Jackhammer.

Bode Merrill and Jon Stark reviewing footage in Salt Lake City, Utah. p: Oli Gagnon

What was the craziest thing you saw go down during the filming of Pepper?

Snowboarding-wise, I would have to say Sage hitting the Bridge to Terabithia. That was effed. Non-snowboarding wise, the craziest thing I saw was E-Stone in Quebec, but that’s a different story.

Is it weird that a majority of the riders in Pepper live in Salt Lake City? Bode Merrill. p: Oli Gagnon

Have you seen extended cuts or timelines and if so, what can kids expect?
I have seen it all! It’s really really cool. A little different than most but it tells an intricate story through the footage and the way it’s put together while at the same time showing you some absolutely incredible snowboarding. Everyone killed it this year! I’m predicting some Grammy nominations. Possibly a Tony.

What have you been up to this summer?
Trying to skate and bike a lot. A lot of weddings. House projects. Playing with my kitties. Pretty boring stuff, actually. I’m trying to become an adult. It’s really not what it’s cracked up to be.

If he tells you what he is planning, he might just have to kill you. Bode Merrill in Salt Lake City. p: Oli Gagnon

Would you rather hit Chad's Gap one-footed or drop into the Crankworx slopestyle course full commit?
Chad's Gap for sure. I’m a baby back bitch on a bike. I ride the brakes, I can’t wheelie. I can bunny hop ok but not off jumps. I could hit Chad's one-footed I think.

Who is currently your favorite snowboarder and why?
Nils Mindnich. He has incredible style and poise. He is the fastest man on earth. Great head on his shoulders. His part this year might make you tear up. 

Lastly, what can you tell us about your plans next winter?
I could tell you but than I’d have to kill you. And I love you. 

Where is he off to? Find out in the upcoming SNOWBOARDER movie, Pepper. p: Oli Gagnon