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So the powers that be asked me to give them ten Instagram accounts to follow and as my primary role has me managing all things video, they asked that I give them a few video accounts, pro riders, and some wild cards thrown in for good measure. Normally, I'd try to push real gems on you like Barstool Sports, the Onion, Fuck Jerry, Jesse Andrews, Rihanna, or even Boznuts… but here's some snow gold for you to follow!

1. Pierre Wikberg – For filmers, it doesn't really get more legendary than Pierre Wikberg. He was one of the eyes behind Robotfood and the DC Mountain Lab. Pierre's account is full of classic snowboarding, architecture, tacos… and a hatred for how surfers mislabel spins.

2. Aaron Leyland – Aaron Leyland is a Canadian snowboarder, snowmobiler, snowboard filmer and chicken wing connoisseur. He spends more time in the snow than most people you know and his account is chuck full of mountains and tasty powder.

first bluebird day of the winter, was a nice surprise!!! #powderhounds #snowmobile #whistler

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3. Baldface Lodge – Baldface Lodge is one of the greatest places in the world for a snowboarder to go. This account will give you serious F.O.M.O and have you wanting to go back as soon as you leave.

@bryaniguchi pinning it last winter | photo: @mikeyoshida #thesnowboardermovie | Repost @volcomsnow

A photo posted by Baldface Lodge (@baldfacelodge) on

4. Michael Burkett –  Michael Burkett is the singer of NOFX. I love NOFX! His account will make you feel like you're on tour with them.

This is awesome! Who made this? #OldPunksOnSidewalks

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5. Frank April – Frank April is one of my favorite snowboarders… the guy has more fun than most people and you can pretty much count on either being inspired by a spot he picks, laugh out loud by one of his jokes, or completely grossed out by a toilet shot almost every time you click on his feed.

6. Greg Weaver – Greg Weaver is the eye behind the cult classic Peddiefiles, as well as Mammoth's primary video guy. His account is the best way to see current conditions at Mammoth, new time lapses, drone angles, and just overall good camera work.

7. Bryan Fox and Austin Smith – Bryan Fox and Austin Smith are 100% snowboarders. They ride everything and their feed reflects it. You'll also get some positive messaging from time to time and travel exploits from the rest of the Drink water crew. It's just a good time feed.

8. MFR – MFR is one of my favorite humans, regardless of snowboarding. Her positivity shines in every post and her outlook on all things snow and surf is refreshing. She's a badass babe who I still think is a hippie for living in a cob house.

9. Renan Ozturk – Renan Ozturk is one of the founders of Camp 4 Collective. He is also one of the climbers in the famed movie Meru. His account is chuck full of crazy mountaineering photos and angles.

10. TSA – My random pick is the TSA. If you aren't following them yet, take my advice and follow them right now. It is one of the true gifts of Instagram. Are you curious if you can carry on a surface-to-air rocket launcher? Well, this site will let you know. Wondering what kind of Chinese throwing star is the most commonly smuggled on to planes? Look no further. The amount of crazy shit that people try to take on to planes will make you seriously question the human race, and at very least their drug-sniffing dog playing cards will leave you with a smile.


Past Insta-Access list: Mike Yoshida!