While the sensibilities and styles of the IPP crew are diverse, there’s a like-minded creativity that flows through each and every turn of these Midwest-raised riders. They’re thick as thieves and their crew, led by The Interior Plain Project creative instigator (and boss man), Peter Harvieux, they have been rallying to Superpark and The Launch for years now, always attending with a very specific breed of boarding to put down. Boody, Jon Overson, Erik Overson, Peter Limberg, Nate Lavik, Mike Skiba, and Kyle Kennedy bring riding to the table that is accessible by the everyman (if every man had the skill that these guys posses, of course), and by that we mean that they have a way of looking at transition, side hits, jumps, and rails with the keen eye of those who have sharpened their skills on aggressive tow rope laps, utilizing every foot of vertical to its maximum creativity. While Trollhaugen, Hyland and other Midwest hills are the breeding ground for these guys, the skills they hone at home transcend to steeper faces, longer runs, and their resourceful ingenuity is always a welcome addition to SNOWBOARDER Mag events. Without further adieu, presenting The Interior Plain Project x Superpark 20 video, made up of the kind of snowboarding that will have you jonsing to strap in immediately.