Intern Affairs: Early Season Thoughts

Eli Weiner

One of our interns and Arbor national team rider, Eli Weiner (yes his last name is incredibly similar to weiner) decided he wanted to write something for us. We figured we would give the kid a chance and this is what he came up with. If you are illiterate or have a horrible attention span, he picked out five of his favorite online snowboard edits below. Enjoy…..

Many different types of riders make up the twisted web that is the snowboard community. There's your powder hounds, park rats, jib kids, weekend warriors, 100 day plus card holders, and then there's the fallen few, those whose injuries have them sentenced to what seems like an eternity sitting around watching the season go by.  When you belong to the injured club nothing is worse than having friends post pictures and videos on Facebook of themselves riding powder, hitting jumps, and enjoying the fruits of mother natures most passionate season. The feeling is reminiscent of being 10 years old, watching your friends play in the street, as you sit inside grounded with no way out.  On any given year I dabble in all of the categories on the aforementioned list, but so far this season I only belong to the injured reserves. Between years struck with torn muscles, ligaments, broken fingers, concussions, and bone contusions, I have never had to endure the pain of sitting out the beginning of the season. As if summer isn't a long enough waiting period, I am now burdened to sit until at least January 1st before even thinking about stepping foot back on snow. To some people that might not seem that bad, but I must argue that the beginning of the season is just as important as any part, if not more.

The beginning of the season may mean different things to different people depending on where you live and what year it is, but it stands for one thing to all… the revival of shred. To me it's about digging your rail into that first looping carve, the excitement of that first knee-high down bar session, and of course that first knee deep powder day that keeps me coming back for more all season. To those of you riding a mountain like Bear, the first day of machine made packed powder can be just as meaningful as a Brighton locals first bottomless day on Milly.  No matter where you are, almost instantaneously after leaving your first chair, the possibilities of the natural and unburied terrain will present itself. There are natural trannies and jibs everywhere you look, an ever-changing obstacle course of epic proportions. Whether taking that first hike off your local ridge, trying to get used to a new setup, or burying an inconsiderate fuck in a snow cloud as he or she stands aimlessly in front of your favorite park feature, every run you take becomes a riveting experience that makes the stresses of the world fall away almost inexplicably. There are very few things in the world that can make you forget that you have research papers due, a dead end job to go back to, and traffic to sit in along the way. I've had a lot of time to think about this and only 5 things in my life come to mind that can have this effect… Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, getting laid, and web videos that showcase all of the above.

This year has been an anomaly in the sierras where they started the year with over eight feet of snow and opening days filled with face shots and high fives (face shots referring to blower pow and not the endings of the videos I mentioned a second ago). This season shredders everywhere have been blessed with the opportunity to live out some of their best early season fantasies. The question is how will you write the story of your season from here on out? Will you become jaded by consistent conditions, get bummed out if the powder stops falling, or will you make the most of any situation knowing that each day might be your last. Each tree, bump, jump, jib, drop, and turn has the opportunity to leave you exactly where I sit, in a chair, on the internet, being inundated with stories of snowboarding grandeur. As each new day of riding comes, you should be thankful and inspired by the gift of the day that has been given to you no matter the circumstances. If you are unhappy with where you live or the mountain you ride, lost with what snowboarding means to you, or just plain bored, then right now is your chance to find yourself. Its time to uproot to somewhere where your dreams may be fulfilled while the season is still unfolding. You might find new friends, new ways to ride, and new ideas, but one thing is certain, you will find a new appreciation for living a life filled with snowboarding, new memories, and good times. Here's to a season lived to its fullest, not taken for granted, and appreciated under any and all circumstances!

In celebration of the new season and my impending injury I've gone ahead and picked five of my favorite videos the internet has to offer for riders everywhere to get hyped!  Cheers!

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Boom! Brighton early season fun!

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Brandon is the man, if you want to here more about him watch the beginning, if you only want epic riding, fast forward to 2:55.

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If you've seen the variety pack movies then fast forward to about half way through. The second half of the movie is possibly the best GoPro powder section I've ever seen.

Stevens, Grendies, and Beresford rip Big Bear a new asshole after petting her cubs.

"I grew up on skis so… makes life easier" Fucking classic!