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For those of you who may not know our bubbly intern Jade “Jelly” Mclain from the “Internview” series a while back… you should probably watch at least one before you dig into her top 10 hottest snowboarders list. Now that you have an idea of what you are working with, we asked Jade to compile a list of what snowboarders she thought were the most “babelicious”. The list below proves that our intern has a very diverse taste in men… and reasoning for liking those men.

We will let Jade take it from here….

Disclaimer: If there are any words or sentences that make absolutely no sense, don’t worry… we aren’t positive what she is talking about either.

Travis Rice


The true "Red Bull" Travis Rice is pretty sexy. Truly himself, who is incredible in every which way, he is the definition of what every girl dreams for.  Too smart in his peripheral vocabulary, his casual style is super fresh looking but when you see him in that backcountry, he is full of the sickest designs. But all in all the best thing about him is his friendly-ness.  Being one of the best snowboarders in the world and still being polished and esoteric is pretty rare and that is why he is the shit.

Forest Bailey


This earthly eastern boarder is Forest "Baby" Bailey. Rocking a mustache, his curly shaggy waves and his cute little lips, is his awesome beauty. His old soul makes him attractive too. One day at a time, Baby Forest is shredding this vast world, making sure he gets his slippery style of riding on everywhere possible. "You’re killin it- see you sometime just chillen in the forest, smiley face." – Jade

Brandon Cocard


This Truckee guy is the only guy that will ever be able to get away with wearing pink and purple. (As seen in the Capita video) He makes those flannels look like he is rockin’ a tux. Not no collective guy, this mountain man is a hottie for sure. He seems like a sweetheart. How Brandon wears those stunna shades, his perfect amounts of face hair and the happiness he brings through the camera, is classic. Not to mention, the endless amount of skill he has in the park, powder and urban area is pretty spectacular.



The blue-eyed, curly-haired shredder's name is Chris Grenier. Chris Grenier is one character. His tight baggyish style, hides his good looking body because he is a true gansta. He has been stepin up his skill, with proof in all his latest footage. Turning everything into a good time seems to be his talent. You will always catch a smile from Grenier, also if you do not know, he is a wild one!

scott stevens


This cutie is one in a million. Killin’ it on a board is what he was made to do. Starting with his awesome style in the clothing selection, he is one true skater; they always seem to know what is up. Another thing you better not miss is his orange hats. His smile is chillen, with his little scrufflies on his face and his pretty wicked eyes; his girlfriend is one lucky miss.


Coming from Finland and having an accent takes us American girls’ breath away. This cute, natural blondie, with a sunkissed tan and probably a fine bod, is one catch you can not miss. This one is down for a good time, has the personality of a puppy and is a legend forever on a snowboard.

lauri heiskari


Lauri is one babe. He's got the bad boy look, the blonde locks from his momma, the voice of a Finlandian, some pearly whites, a diamond DC ring and goes bigger then Michael Jackson. This man knows what is up.

chris brewster


Chris Brewster is pretty stylin’ guy. He seemed to unintentionally create a 2012 style Greaser. With his awesome hair cut and proper button downed collared shirts, is so hot. This energized guy kills it in the the challenging streets. In addition to all that, hes got what all guys want, some moves!

torstein horgmo


This blondie definitely knows what is up, you can see it in his eyes. His style is fresh on top of that board, literally and physically. Stylin’ with his baby face, please Torstein, never loose it, you crazy Norweign. HE will be fine forever!


Unknown. But soon to be found.

This is the mystery man. He shreds that hill like Borgore and listens to Janis Joplin while he rides. Also he is indescribably talented in making stock objects turn into something totally rad, due to his is a true artist ability. He has a style ranges but you always will know that it is him. With the nicest personality a guy is allowed to have, he definitely is a winner in Jade's Book. "RachelBonn"