Interview: Danimals


A few years back, everyone in snowboarding seemed to be talking about this kid named Danimals. Turns out, that talk quickly turned to action, because when footage surfaced of Dan Liedahl later that fall, he was indeed as good in practice as he was in legend. Now, Danimals has become one of the best jibbers in the world, producing standout parts with Videograss for the past few years and signing some big deals because of his efforts. Seeing as the new Quiksilver movie Take It Easy is dropping on our site, we thought we'd reach out to Dan to throw a few questions his way regarding Quik's new release, how he got the nickname Danimals, the best and worst things about growing up in Minnesota, how much beer Jake OE consumes at a spot, and most importantly, who he thinks are the best red-headed snowboarders of all time. Enjoy.

-T. Bird

Who are the top five red-headed snowboarders of all time?
Scotty Wittlake, Derrek Lever, Harrison Gordon, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, and I'd say [Chris] Brewster has got some red in his hair…or some local guys Mitch Helling and Andy Pearson.

Why do you think we gingers–as the mainstream media likes to call us–get shit on so much?
You know…I don't know, we just look like good people to get shit on, I guess.

I know the story's been told, but how did you get the nickname Danimals?
I actually don't really remember, but it happened at Hyland a long time ago on a very cold day and when it happened it stuck so fast that people I've knows for years working there still don't know my real name is Dan.

What are the three best things about growing up in Minnesota?
The lakes, the seasons, the city, the not-so-much city, and a little place we like to call Rollin' J Ranch.

And the three worst things?
No powder and mosquitos.

Do you think that Minnesota is the modern day Salt Lake?
Maybe. We have a lot of good spots and a lot of people travel to here but it seems like everyone moves out to Salt Lake and no one ever moves to Minneapolis.


p: Mark Welsh/Quiksilver

Who are your favorite snowboarders to watch ride outside of the crew you normally film with?
Harrison, Keegan [Valaika], Cody Rosenthal, Bryan Fox, David Benedek, Big Mike, Alex Lopez, there are so many sweet people to watch ride…Wyatt Stasinos, too.

How was it working with the rest of the Quik team to make this year's movie?
It was tight. Everyone is so cool and laid back. We pretty much went to where everyone is from and filmed shit, we all stayed at my house in the Midwest, we went to Ian [Hart]'s neck of the woods out east, we went out west where Johnny [Brady] spends most of his time and we also went to Europe where Teo [Konttinen] and Zebbe [Landmark] are from, so it was really cool filming for the video.

Who do you think will have a standout part?
I think everyone's parts are gonna be good. I couldn't think of one specific standout part.

How much beer on average does Jake OE drink at a spot?
I don't believe there is a measurement for the amount he takes in.

Do you guys plan on making another film next year?
I haven't really heard from anyone yet so I think the plan is to just do VG full-time.

What are three things you'd like to accomplish in snowboarding and why?
Buy a snowmobile and ride more powder because it's more fun than rails, ride when I'm super fucking old because I wanna cut someone off when I'm 70, and just keep making friends and riding with the old ones because if you don't do that you haven't accomplished what snowboarding is about.

Watch Danimals in Quiksilver’s Take It Easy.