Interview: Jake Blauvelt on Full Circle, adidas, and More

Jake Blauvelt is quite frankly one of the most impressive riders that I have ever had the chance to shoot with. He's a perfect blend of fluidity and power and his calculated and concise approach to riding a snowboard has defined his persona in our culture. Recently, I had the chance to catch up with him about his project last winter, Full Circle, his summer trip down south and what the near future might hold in store for him. Enjoy.—T. Bird

Blauvelt x Bird. p: T. Bird

Another Blauvelt x Bird special. p: T. Bird

Give us the rundown on Full Circle.
Full Circle documents what is most important to me; Snowboarding, health, growing organic food and, as of late, the two things that top the list by far, raising a baby girl and family life.

Describe Gabe Langlois in one sentence.
He's the backbone of the crew and would have my vote for BC's finest backcountry badass! He's an absolute legend!

You headed down to Chile again this summer with SNOWBOARDER. Talk a little about what you were doing and how the trip was.
We were filming an edit for the new shape of my pro model board with Ride Snowboards called The Berserker. The crew linked up with the Dos Tiempos sled operation based just outside of Santiago in order to access some of the best terrain south of the equator. No hard plans for the trip, just to get as radical as possible both on and off the hill. I cracked two ribs in a sled crash halfway into the trip, but managed to grind through and get some good shit done. Just had to make sure there was no possibility violently rag dolling as I felt like I would have broken in half.

Getting his steps in. p: T. Bird

It's also gonna be a feature in the December issue, yeah?
Word on the street.

How long have you been riding for adidas?
I've been riding for adidas for 6 or 7 years now

Photo proof the boots are also good for MUFF. p: T. Bird

And how long have you had the Blauvelt boot?
6 years I believe? Dang, time flies.

How involved are you with the R&D of the boot?
I'm very involved with the design, although the Jake 2.0 boot design has pretty much stayed the same for the last couple years as we didn't want to change something that people seemed to really be into. I always really value what the designers at adidas have to say and it's always a pleasure collaborating with them. Now there is a low top, a high top, and a GoreTex version in the mid. The Gore version is dope and so far, the reaction has been nothing but positive in terms of comfort, durability and style. It's been crazy to see the success of the boot. Just goes to show that when style meets functionality, it's a winning combo.

Have you ever seen any famous people or celebrities wearing it?
Nope, but I'd rather see my peers wearing them which thankfully I do.

p: T. BIrd

And what about the snowboard boots? Which one do you ride and describe the fit.
I ride the Accera with the Boa as of late. It has the perfect snug fit, a low profile for no unnecessary toe drag or pressure points and perfect flex which holds over time for hard charging in any type of terrain. I've never had any trouble with heel lift because of the aggressive J Bar lock on the achilles in the liner and after some time on the Boa system I've become a believer that it's the best and fastest way in order to achieve a custom, tight-fitting boot that won't loosen after a bunch of laps.

Any plans you can tell us about for this upcoming winter?
Ride as much pow as humanly possible and live the good life with my new family.

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