Tommy Gesme On What is In Blender

It was a rainy day Friday in Portland and a large portion of our staff was sitting in the corner of a bar when we collectively remembered that we had a Tommy Gesme interview slated for the website, due today. The Minnesota-bred street savant has just come off a huge year filming a signature with adidas snowboarding, titled “Blender”, and we figured we should probably start talking about it. As possibly the most anticipated project coming out of last season, Blender is set to premiere later this month and will most definitely be the talk of the snowboarding world for some time after. Without giving too much away… because Tommy has an interview dropping in our next print issue… and we haven’t seen a leak of the movie yet… here is a quick text dialog between the SNOWBOARDER Staff and Gesme this past weekend.

Did you feel like mixing it up this year for Blender?
Big time mix up of some of my favs.

Would you say your riding was smooth-ie?
There are always some rough patches through out the winter but for the most part it went pretty smooth.

From Beacon to Blender. Tommy Gesme.

If you could blend three riders together to make one, who would you choose?
Mark Wilson, Shaun White, and the good homie Sam Garneau haha that would be a wild combo.

What did you and Colton want to achieve?
I guess the end goal was to try an make something truly unique and special.

Favorite session? 
Pre-season at Hyland :) A lot of homies came into town for a little over a week.

Favorite trip? 
Sweden and Norway at the end of march.

We know this is your project but who else can we expect to see on screen?
Ben Bilodeau, Louif Paradis, Derrek Lever, Alex Sherman, Mark Wilson, Craig Cameron, and Artem Smolin.
Who should we be on the lookout for in the project?

How is this different than past projects like KTC, Videograss, Beacon… and your other past parts?
Filming wise, it was pretty smooth. Colton and I have always worked really well together. But definitely felt a little bit more pressure, little more stress since I guess there was a bit more focus on myself compared to previous years. In the end all you can do is try to stay healthy and enjoy the ride.

Is it true you didn't film in the United States at all for this movie?
There are a couple things from a quick trip to Washington before going up to Canada, but other than that we spent most of our time in Europe.

Was it because of taxes? 
I don’t think that was the initial plan, it just kind of happened naturally. But no complaints haha I really enjoyed spending a lot of time over there.

Does Trump know you outsourced all of the locations?
I doubt it.

What do people mean when they say there is no "I" in team but there is a "me" in Gesme.
Haha I have no idea.

Tommy during the making of “Blender”. p: Courtesy of @tommygesme’s Instagram, taken by Perly.

Tell us your best joke. 
Hmm cant think of one right now but I’ll keep you posted on that.

Here is one… why did the snowboard filmer cross the road?
To get the long angle.

Copy paste a link in here to your favorite blender.
Just an all around great product. Highly recommend.

Anything else you want to tell us about the project?
If you find yourself in Minneapolis on October 18, make your way to the Varsity Theater by 7pm. House Call Only will also be playing!

Thanks Tommy!

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