For most of us who reside in North America (other than those lucky PNW’ers), summer means an end to snowboarding for about six months. Humidity, mosquitoes and the constant hum of fans and air conditioning units provide the soundtrack for the warm season while we patiently wait for temperatures to drop once again. But across the Atlantic, just outside of London, British boarder Jamie Nicholls is enjoying the best of both worlds: languid summer days in the city punctuated by sessions at the Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre, an indoor slope that’s open year-round and provides laps on laps on laps…on laps. While Jamie’s perhaps best known for his in-air abilities, he’s put in plenty of time in the snow dome and has his rail game locked. This summer, live vicariously through runs at The Snow Centre with Jamie in TSC Summer Sessions. Here’s the first edit, enjoy.

Filmed and edited by Max Presky.