Lib Tech Box Scratcher

Jesse Burtner

DOB: 04.29.78

Board: Lib Tech Box Scratcher Banana

Home Mountain: Summit-at-Snoqualmie, WA

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Lib Technologies, Think Thank, Spacecraft, Summit At Snoqualmie, Smith, One Ball Jay


The simplicity of the America's Next Top Pro Model disciplines may prove to be Jesse Burtner's undoing. As one of the patriarchs of snowboarding's newschool board control movement, Jesse has mentored the likes of Gus Engle, Sean Genovese, Scott Stevens and Johnny Miller. Yet doing one-footers in the high ollie event won't cut it when the competition is doing three footers, but Burtner's bound to step it up regardless.

Jesse Burtner.  Photo: Aaron Dodds

Jesse Burtner. Photo: Aaron Dodds