Jesse Burtner’s full part from Methods of Prediction is daringly original and shows exactly why he’s basically the man. For years and years Burtner has been shaping snowboarding and altering standards with the parts that he cooks up throughout a winter. Each of his tricks incorporates enormous imagination and rare talent. You don’t just wonder how he did something, you wonder how he thought of doing something like that. 

From Think Thank

When Jesse filmed his first video part the entire US Olympic Snowboard Team wasn’t even born yet (unconfirmed)! The internet hadn’t even been invented yet  (not true)! Return of The Jedi was in theaters still (nope)!  Daewon hadn’t learned nose manuals yet (not possible)! Bridges was still competing in Big Air Contests (yes, this one is true)!  All jokes aside, this old dog is still capable of a few NBDs, Ollie ollies and is good for another  ___ video parts to come!
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