Veritable wizardess of transition and technical terrain, Nirvana Ortanez has cooked up a heavy helping of bonafied shredding in her Blast Off full part. Whatever the metaphor we employ to emphasize this Salt Lake City local’s on hill aptitude, it’s clear from this Jetpack video that Nirvana’s take on whatever metal, wood, or snow lies in front of her is both inventive and purposed. From Miller flips to proper skate-inspired lines, Nirvana’s snowboarding is inspired and fun, which makes keeps the viewer spellbound to the screen. The result is that after watching the above shots, we’re looking forward to what Miss Ortanez does next. Enjoy, and Blast Off!

Filmed and edited by Amanda Hankison with additional filming by Ashley-Dawn Byrd, Cole Taylor, and Ted Borland.

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