As atmospheric conditions in the Rockies were conducive to dry weather, the Jetpack crew turned on the blasters, revved the engines, and set course for New England. In Massachusetts, they found mountainous piles of snow, laced up their snow boots and explored the streets, testing out various metal ore wherever they found it. Their orbit took them to the Mike Baker Banked Slalom at Waterville Valley and Eastern Boarder’s Last Call at Loon and after plenty of park laps at these legendary New Hampshire resorts, the crew blasted off for the Midwest and landed at Trollhaugen in Wisconsin. Danika Duffy, Isabella Borriello, Nirvana Ortanez, and Mary Rand found each new environment very hospitable for their creative style of shredding and preliminary drops into both street spots and park lines yielded plenty of footage, some of which can be seen here in Jetpack’s Mission 3, but the rest will be dropping this fall in the full movie. Enjoy the outer space adventures of the Jetpack crew, also featuring Athena, Scut, Davidaisy, Blake Geis, and Jeffy Gabrick.

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