In this installment of “Jibberish Volume 2” JP Walker, otherwise known as “The Don” pens another chapter in the book of jibbing that he helped to re-write at The Spot. The Spot is a famed yet secret location where arborism and oppo 270s go hand in hand. Together with fellow legends Jeremy Jones, Simon Chamberlain, Seth Huot, and newcomer Blair McKinney, the crew cleans up their tricks for a season of filming in the streets. As The Spot has progressed over the years, so has the evolution of D.I.Y. Spots in the woods, but as always, JP and crew have helped pave the way in yet another aspect of street snowboarding. So, sit back and get a firsthand look at what you’ll be seeing in streets across the world this winter, in the second year of “Jibberish.”