Lake Tahoe backcountry, CA. Photo: Tim Peare

Lake Tahoe backcountry, CA. Photo: Tim Peare



John Jackson spent plenty of time getting high last winter, and while he was up there, he doubled his corks and shut down his counterparts. With what is being praised as the video part of the year, John J rode dirty and got deep. From Tahoe to Whistler, the dude settled some shit and tied down the number-one spot on our Rider of the Year list.


Big-mountain ruler and French Canadian crusher DCP exclaims, "His part in the Forum movie is so sick. So many cliffs and tricks…killing it!" His left-hand passing counterpart Danny Davis offers a more organic approach to John J's season, saying, "John had the sickest jump tricks this year. The dude's style is unbeatable. Go natty dread!"

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John Jackson’s full part from Forum Forever

While pre-Olympic hype is abuzz and hopeful contenders are setting up airbags and foam pits to dial in their double corks, John Jackson's already got 'em in his sack…and he got 'em the hard way. Opting to flip twice without the security of an inflated landing, Jackson paid his dues while learning the most talked-about trick of the year. With four variations of double corks in his Forever offering, he also solidified himself as the best jumper of the 2008/2009 season, and John's former backcountry cohort Jake Blauvelt is quick to dish out propers where they're due: "All-mountain destruction and double-corking like no one's bizz." Even Bjorn Leines chimes in, stating, "His double cork action was insane. Coming off an injury last season, you could tell he was hungry to stomp some progressive tricks." John J set the bar high for the video elite with a two-song ender, all the while maintaining a year-long bender. There's no doubt that he'll be back next year to defend his crown. Haile Selassie!

Editor’s Note: John Jackson was also voted 2010 JUMPER OF THE YEAR and 2010 VIDEO PART OF THE YEAR

John Jackson, Cooke City, Montana. Photo: Tim Peare.

John Jackson, Cooke City, Montana. Photo: Tim Peare.

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