JP Walker, Stratforn Ontario, Canada. Photo: Rich Odam

JP Walker, Stratforn Ontario, Canada. Photo: Rich Odam



With more appearances on this list than any rider in history, JP Walker cemented his legacy with number six, putting out one of the most pressing parts of the year…and he did it all switch. Former Mack Dawg standout Lukas Huffman put it in more global terms when he said, "This is about being Rider of the Decade! You can have a good year, but JP doesn't ever quit moving forward." That forward progression speaks to Walker's status on snow, as he tackled yet another feat NBD. Priscilla Levac attests to that: "He did something that's never been done…again." Raise a glass—here's to The Don.

“Sick switch backflip road gap.” – Peter Line

What's a guy supposed to do when he's done it all? Do it all switch. JP opted to ride fakie as opposed to forward for an entire winter, and produced one of the best enders anyone has seen in quite some time in StepChild and ThirtyTwo's This Video Sucks. Former Forum teammate and "Spot" boss Pat Moore says, "Even if JP was goofy, his part would still be a million times better than mine." Well, Pat, maybe not a million. Let's call it an even thousand.

JP Walker’s full part from This Video Sucks

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