Niko Cioffi has blazed his own path in snowboarding. From the features he hits, to the bus he rolls in, Niko has set his own rules and the results are a unique snowboarding style that is technical and impressive. If there is one thing Niko Cioffi does, it is throw down in the streets. If we had to think of another thing he does, it would be going on epic vacations to tropical destinations and European countries, always with his Gremlinz homies in tow. Regardless of where this Rutland-proud, Vermont-native-turned-Tahoe-local travels, his work ethic when he’s strapped in is paramount and dictates the countless video parts that he has put out. JSLV presents Niko’s full part from the past season, filled with some big spots that Niko decidedly steps to. We’re more than stoked to see this Gremlin #beoutthere.