It takes two to tango, and this Methods of Predictions part is one hell of a tango. Think Thank’s Justin Keniston and Desiree Melancon are two creative humans with uniquely stirring personalities and abnormal talents. Some people are said to be influencers or luminaries. Those who provoke and inspire. Chip and Des carry even more verve than that. It’s like they’ve got personal microclimates that are part air freshener and part jukebox—inevitably enhancing whatever atmosphere (or video) they happen to be in.

From Think Thank:
When snowboarding Justin “Chip” Keniston flows through the streets like water through an aqueduct, he was born to it. A chill dude, not one to fly the “yeah me!” flag, Chip is more interested in the friends, spots, tricks and laughs along the way. Often traversing the states between the Portlands, ME to OR, with his board and dog Red as companions, spreading the word of good style and great friendships. Once along the way he stopped on a dusty road at one of thousands of America’s “roadside attractions” between Springfield and El Paso. It was “The World’s Biggest Ball of Fire!” or at least that’s what the sign said. Below it sat Desiree Melancon.
She was seven feet tall, with liquid hot iron running through her veins. Her hair changed colors and her tattoos spoke. Her snowboard was sharper than a Hatori Hanzo sword (and had killed more ninjas) and her voice carried up the valley so clearly it’s power alone shaped kickers.
Chip took all this in and said “We should film a part together.” And so they did and the rest is history.
Enjoy Chip and Des from “Methods of Prediction”