Whistler “is just like a massive, backcountry skatepark,” says Matt Belzile in the opening of K2 Snowboarding’s first episode of Whistler-based video series Seek & Enjoy. The seemingly endless array of cliffs and cornices provide the perfect playground for Belzile, Jake Kuzyk, Danny Larsen, and Shaun McKay as they ravage the BC countryside. Enjoy the first Seek & Enjoy and stay tuned for more from the K2 team.

From K2:

Here we are isolated in the beautiful Whistler backcountry removed from city life, cell phones, smog and shitty video games. We’ve gathered our best friends and our snowboards and headed out to enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived. There’s a sense of freedom out here which we eagerly chase at the crack of dawn returning home hours later only because the sun has passed.

We’re after adventure and the experiences whether good or bad that accompany. In the end we sit back today and watch our hard work pay off, recalling the good times and anxiously awaiting the year to come.