Kelly Clark. Photo: Huggy

Words: Laura Austin

By far, the biggest news to come out of the X Games 15 woman's superpipe was the first ever 1080 to be thrown in a pipe contest by a female. Kelly Clark got a solid first run under her belt before she threw the 1080 into the mix. By her final run, which happened to be a victory lap, with some of the pressure relieved she brought it around with ease. Let's just say Kelly Clark is having a good season. Kaitlyn Farrington walked away with a silver medal after locking down her best score of the night in her first run. Elena Hight was able to walk away with a 3rd place finish. Aspen's crowd favorite Gretchen Bleiler looked solid despite her absences from the contest scene this year, but consistency proved to be a problem after she took a spill in each run. The first of which, she appeared to take a pretty hard blow to the head. Noticeably absent was Torah Bright who decided to save herself for the slopestyle event.

Elena Hight. Photo: Ned Cremin

Kelly Clark has now taken women's snowboarding another step further. If Kelly can stay consistent with this 1080, in order for anyone to beat her, they are going to have to learn the trick themselves. In turn making the entire field progress with her. And for that, we tip our hats to Kelly Clark for leading the charge.

The crowd. Photo: Huggy

X Games 15 Womens Superpipe Results
1. Kelly Clark
2. Kaitlyn Farrington
3. Elena Hight
4. Soko Yamaoka
5. Queralt Castellet
6. Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen Bleiler. Photo: Huggy

Kelly Clark. Photo: Huggy

Kaitlyn Farrington. Photo: Ned Cremin

Slippers. Classic. Photo: Huggy

Soko Yamaoka. Photo: Ned Cremin

Kelly Clark. Photo: Huggy

X Games 15 Womens Superpipe Podium. (L to R) Kaitlyn Farrington, Kelly Clark, Elena Hight. Photo: Ned Cremin