words and photos: Mark Imanuel

Saturday was 12/13/14. It was a cold, brisk, eerie morning. As eight o'clock rolled around, the ladies who had qualified for Dew Tour halfpipe finals started to take their practice runs. The light was variable and it defiantly looked like it was going to be a grey bird day. You could hear how icy the pipe was due to the warm weather the day before and the walls freezing overnight. There were a total of six women in the field and Kelly Clark put down a first run that no one could touch. Kelly landed a 1080, 720, and a 540 to put her in the lead with a 95.50. 14-year-old Chloe Kim threw a run that may have made Kelly a little stressed. Wrapping up the podium was Arielle Gold. With her nerves running on overtime, she was able to put together a final run that put her on the podium.


First – Kelly Clark

Second – Chloe Kim

Third – Arielle Gold