Kirkwood Mikey 1

Doin lines. Rider: Mikey Wier.

Recap: Ryan Kronenberg
Photos: Mikey Wier & Ryan Kronenberg
Captions: Laura Austin

When I hear the words “California dreamin” two things come to mind, deep snow and blue skies. Today was an opening day that dreams are made of. In my 24 years of shredding at Kirkwood I’ve never seen an opening day like this. A classic Sierra storm hammered Lake Tahoe, with storm totals ranging from 128-133 inches of snow over the past 7 days (check the stats I woke up this morning, looked out my window and it felt like February not November 24th…. Some one pinch me because it all still feels like a dream. This is one for the record books.

Elija Teter, Mikey Wier, Ryan Kronenberg

Have you ever seen Elijah Teter do a switch method in the pipe? It's mind blowing, that's why he has to wear a helmet at all times now. Riders: Ryan Kronenberg, Mikey Wier, and Ryan Kronenberg.

Kronie 1

Mad Pow Disease. Rider: Ryan Kronenberg.

Kronie 4

Mikey prefers Rooster Tails. Lindsay Lohan prefers Cock Tails. Rider: Mikey Wier

Kirkwood 2

You wouldn't expect chair 666 to lead you straight to heaven.

Mikey Drop

The main definiton for the word "Sluff" is the outer layer of skin on a snake. If that is the case, Mikey is covered in snakeskin. PETA would be pissed. Rider: Mike Wier.

Kronie s1

Magical fairy dust fell from the skies at Kirkwood. Now you see him....

Kronie s3

Now you don't. Rider: Ryan Kronenberg

Kirkwood Mikey 2

Rocky Fantasy Picture Show. Rider: Mikey Wier

Kirkwood Kronie t2

Poor Ryan. He was just riding along....

Kirkwood Kronie t4

then ran into a stick of dynomite that never went off. Rider: Ryan Kronenberg.