Camp of Champions always has one of the most elite and inventive parks out of all the feature-laden lanes in the summer snowboarding business. Its breathtaking elevation, glacial gumption, and solvent snowbanks make this cool quarter of Canada a hot spot every summer. So when you hear that Knowbuddy was at COC this summer, you might raise an eyebrow, incredulous. "How could one of snowboarding's safest havens have a summer vacancy?" Don't be hoodwinked by the homonym, punked by the pun—the park was as packed as usual and the set up was in its freshest fettle. It might be doubted if the Knowbuddys, with their highlighted obscurity, could have a substantial presence at a camp explicitly designated for champions. Well, this video will give the boot to any misgivings. The unknown underdogs stole the show, if not the snow. Kody Williams, Carter Jarvis, Robjn Taylor, and Micheal Rowan were even able to shine next to the boarding brilliance of Zak Hale, Mikey Ciccarelli, and Mark McMorris. It makes you wonder how long these riders will stay in am-biguity because they are exhibiting what we could only christen as pro-motion.

Filmed by John Swystun.