Last winter, Brady Lem, Jordan Morse, Jack Kyle, Ralph Kucharek, JD Dennis, and Colin Wilson set off on a Midatlantic roadtrip, launching from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and landing at Seven Springs, Canaan, and Hidden Valley. This is a group heavy on style and enterprise and these qualities, enhanced by ample amounts of technical DIY prowess, fused seamlessly with the heaping helping of snow that Mother Nature bestowed on the Appalachian Mountains during the crew’s stay. From park line to cliff drop, Morse, Kucharek, Dennis, Wilson, Lem and Kyle spent their days sending it, and the collective results in this video are the kind of snowboarding we are more than happy to watch and live vicariously through: good snow, good friends, good riding. Since the trip, the snow has melted, the summer sun has come and gone, and fall is advancing quietly into the Pennsylvania hills. While a blanket of fresh, untouched snow is just around the corner, the tracks and tricks left by this collection of individuals remain. Knowbuddy was here.

Filmed by Mia Lambson. Edited by Mia Lambson and Colton Morgan.