words: Cole Taylor
photos: Cole Taylor and Knut Eliassen

After a long wait and plenty of anticipation, the 2015 premiere season has finally revealed itself to the world. With a heavy hitting lineup of videos from brands and production companies alike, it seems that all walks of snowboarding enthusiasts have great things to look forward to when the lights go down. Last weekend was no exception, as one could find a movie theater or bar filled with snowboarders drinking beers in just about any part of the country, eyed glued to screens purveying the latest flicks.

On Friday October 9th, SLC played its part in catering to the needs of such eagerly awaiting local rippers. Both Videograss and L1 Premium Goods presented their newest masterpieces, Videogracias and Americana, respectively. The event, located at the Salt Lake Photo Collective, opened with a charismatic photo show by L1 photographer and "artist," Bob Plumb. His works included everything from A+ action photos from last season to candid snaps of the riders and personalities involved in Americana.

Graciously catered by Bohemian Brewery, the night had already seen its fair share of crushed beer cans as the lights dimmed for the show. The stage was set as a goulash of boarder dudes and babes packed the studio from wall to wall. Americana played first, dosing the audience with copious amounts of street riding shots from across the globe. Videogracias came next, revealing a new look VG crew that truly answered the call. The eclectic group of new and old faces dropped countless hammers throughout the film as the crowd cheered on. Standouts included, well, everyone. Not going to give any spoilers here, but you will not be disappointed.

With appearances from SLC snowboarding A-listers, parents and everyone in between, it was a wonderful evening of boarding and beers for the books. Major thank you shout out to VG, L1, SLC Photo Collective, Bohemian Brewery and everyone who made this magical night possible!

Watch the teaser for Americana.

Watch the teaser for Videogracias.