Raw as uncooked chicken but without the threat of e. coli, the L1 crew came together last season to concentrate their efforts for team movie, Americana. Diehard and proper rail riding from both sides of the Atlantic collides in Americana and the roster, a line up of urban aficionados including Sam Taxwood, Lizard King, Billy Mackey, Brandon Hammid, Zebbe Landmark, Blake Geis, Justin Keniston, and Dominik Wagner promises unfiltered hammers from start to finish. Behind the scenes of the project, Cole Taylor and Knut Eliassen add an appropriate aesthetic that will only further serve to showcase the varied, yet cohesive style of this horde of riders. If the leaks of perfect presses, treacherous multi-kinks, Lizard King, that nose butter to nollie, dude stew (multiple sightings), and that final Hammid heater in the teaser aren’t enough to get you excited to see the full film, check for a pulse.

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