Usually the only time you see topless snowboarding is when people are riding a Volcano like Mt. Hood, Bachelor or Mammoth. Chas Guldemond Photo: Huggy

Words: Pat Bridges

The snowboarding event finals of X Games 15 got off to a stellar start with a nod to a timeless trick; the method. A select field of 8 icons and current idols took to the 75 foot big air booter to see whose style could cause the fingers to flurry in this text voted showdown.

With strategy and acrobatics set aside these 8 riders had 10 minutes to get ahead by throwing it sideways. Mikkels euro style and Mitrani’s retro sctick couldn’t activate their followers to produce a podium finish. Though many speculated that a 911 text could benefit Peter Line more than any vote the most celebrated magazine columnist in the history of our sport showed the young’uns that he still has a legendary method. Top three was an all east coast mule kickin’ contingent. Chas Guldemond may have cheesed it up by opting for the skin to win topless approach but the buzzard has a hell of a backside grab. Second place went to Ross “The Boss” Powers. In addition to officially owning the title of highest halfpipe air ever with his first hit method at the 2002 SLC Olympics Ross can now claim an X Games best method silver medal. Surprisingly Scotty Lago hasn’t seen the view from atop a podium since the 2005 World Quarterpipe Championships. That all changed tonight as he blasted the most celebrated methods of the session. Rumor has it Lago landed 57 percent of the text votes. Of course shred analysts are suspect of the results stating that some spectators could easily have texted SL instead of their intended PL pledges. Either way Lago blasted as good as if not better than some of the greats tonight. Too bad Terje and Palmer were too pussy to put their grassers to the test as well.

1. Scotty Lago
2. Ross Powers
3. Chas Guldemond
4. Mason Aguirre
5. Jack Mitrani
6. Peter Line
7. Greg Bretz
8. Mikkel Bang

All we figured the Best Methhead would turn out to be was a bunch of riders tweaking their grabs and milking it for speed. Jack Mitrani. Photo: Huggy

Snowboarder Magazine is proud to say that we were the only media outlet at the X Games who had a staff member compete in the event. Congratulations Peter on living to write another day and doing SNOWBOARDER proud. This is after all about The Best Method Comp, not the workmans comp. Peter Line. Photo: Huggy

This seventy five foot method ain't a thing. Ross is charging the neighboring ninety foot booter as a part of the BX field. Ross Powers. Photo: Huggy

Not sure what Scotty won for winning The Best Method contest but it is safe to say it probably isn't nearly as cool as the all expense paid trip to Amsterdam he won for winning the World Quarterpipe Championships in 2005. Scotty Lago. Photo: Huggy