Last Ditch Effort: Old Man Winter Throws His Cane at Summer

“What day is it? Where are my glasses? My feet are itchy!”

Just when it looked like Old Man Winter would retire solemnly to a long nap he awoke violently with a confused look on his face to throw his cane (metaphorically) at Summer. In other words; it’s snowing again. This last defiant move by a season that has been getting more and more senile in his old age left friends and relatives puzzled as to what he might do next. Meanwhile ski areas are reacting in different ways, those that were still open are adding on a few days, some that were closed are re-opening, and the ones that were ready for mountain bike season are being hiked by poachers.
Basically if you have a job, school, or court tomorrow, ditch it. This is your last chance to really shred this winter. Your local employer/principal/cop might have expected you to play hooky earlier in the season, and you might have already caught some flak for it, but they’ll never expect it now. “Snowboarding? Who goes snowboarding in May? That’s ridiculous, I was stuck in traffic”. Go get it and explain yourself later. Here are some resorts that are still open and just as good as ever right now:

Mammoth Mountain: 12″ of fresh in the last 48hrs.

Snowbird: 22″ of fresh in the last 48hrs.

Jaypeak: 24″ of fresh in the last 48hrs.

Alpine Meadows: 20″ of fresh in the last 48hrs.