The Launch 2017 Presented by Oakley: Contributor Photo Gallery

In general, snowboard photography is always up to interpretation, unless you’re talking about Benny Milam’s base graphic. That’s pretty black and white. Photo: Chris Moran
Brock Crouch should’ve grabbed truckdriver, seeing as this photo was shot by a kid named Jeep. Photo: Jeep Eddy
If you don’t know that this kid rips by now…you don’t know Jack. Jack Herald. Photo: Alessandro Giampaolo (AG Photographix)
Don’t shred on me. Jack Wiley. Photo: Parker Simpson
Justin Phipps knows that a seatbelt isn’t just a safety grab. Photo: Jeep Eddy
And after a trick like that, Olympic medalists come find you for an interview! Phipps and Jamie Anderson. Photo: Jeep Eddy
Xander Raith is from Nantucket. Maybe that’s why he had a whale of a good time at The Launch 2017. Photo: Jack Whitney
Jadyn Chomlack (pictured here) and his father Chad might just be on to something here. One of them is an incredible snowboarder and the other is a phenomenal photographer. Photo: Chad Chomlack
Kix tested, mother approved. Kix Kamp. Photo: Alessandro Giampaolo (AG Photographix)
Jack Wiley sent it to the moon. Ironically, it was during the sunset shoot. Photo: Parker Simpson
We never really worry about the riders at The Launch because they’re really talented at what they do, but we do hope that Chris Moran had the bar down while shooting this photo of Luke Winkelmann. Photo: Chris Moran
Gabe Ferguson must watch a lot of television, seeing as how much he was flipping channels at The Launch. Photo: Jeep Eddy
This wasn’t Dru Brownrigg’s first rodeo, and that’s no bull. Photo: Matt Gustafson
For Pete’s sake, would you look at this trick? Pete Croasdale. Photo: Jeep Eddy
We were gonna write a “photosynthesis” caption because Drayden’s last name is Gardner but we didn’t want a cheesy blurb to soil such a sick shot. Photo: Alessandro Giampaolo (AG Photographix)
This frontside air from Hayden Tyler wasn’t just double overhead, it was double overeYe. Photo: Don Tyler
As you know by now, Xander Raith is from Nantucket, which explains why he is so good at navigating his way through channels. Photo: Jack Whitney
Raise your hand if you had a good time at The Launch. Justin Phipps. Photo: Bo Brooks
O’er the land of the steeeeeeeee…Nick Belbas. Photo: Matt Gustafson
DJ Slipmatt was set up all week next to the rhythm section and riders like Kirk Teare were getting down. Photo: Jack Whitney
Of course this kid goes big. His name is Skyler! Skyler Ordean, to be thorough. Photo: Chris Moran
Upon further reflection, this may not have been a good idea. Photo: Jeep Eddy
For such a young kid, Dru Brownrigg has a pretty good grasp on other countries…like Japan. Photo: Alessandro Giampaolo (AG Photographix)
For a guy named Peter Day, he sure knows how to shoot some incredible photos when the sun starts to set. Caleb Bonneville. Photo: Peter Day

words and captions: T.Bird


Much like the riders who show up to The Launch every year, the event wouldn't be what it is were it not for the non-SNOWBOARDER staff members that attend in order to document all the action that goes down on the hill. It gets hectic and frenetic up there, so we need as many lenses as possible in order to make sure we're not missing anything during the day-long sessions. For that reason, we've compiled some of the best shots from The Launch 2017 at Snow Summit from our valued contributors. Thanks, guys, and we hope to see you next year!

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