The Launch 2017 presented by Oakley: Day 2 Photos and Recap

Brock Crouch’s transfer was money. Let’s hope he didn’t get screwed by the transaction fee. Photo: Huggy
There were a bunch of heads at The Launch 2017 but the two most important in this photo were the flash heads in the bottom right that lit up Lucas Foster. Photo: Huggy
SNOWBOARDER recommends that anyone who hits a rail wear a helmet, and that includes the skull on the base of Miles Fallon’s snowboard. Photo: Huggy
Between Two Ferns, starring Dru Brownrigg. Photo: Mark Clavin
Makes sense that this kid is named after the Mile High City, ’cause Denver Orr doesn’t seem to have a problem acclimating to elevation. Photo: Huggy
Drayden Gardner has a PHd in aggro-culture. Photo: Mary Walsh
Dru Brownrigg, putting the “Big” in Big Bear Lake, Callifornia. Photo: Huggy
Kix isn't always for kids, but it is The Launch, so Kix is for kids! Kix Kamp. Photo: E-Stone
Gabe Ferguson, in color. Photo: T. Bird
Jack Wiley was in a bit of a rut during the sunset session but then he took off the lip and sent this back rodeo. Photo: T. Bird
This was shot with a death lens because Keegan Hosefros was killing it. Photo: T. Bird
If Miles Fallon’s name was Kilometers Fallon, this would be a one-meter mute grab. Photo: T. Bird
How ironic would it be if this filmer was using a RED cam? Red Gerard Photo: Huggy
Looks like it was another banner year for Snow Summit and Oakley at The Launch 2017. Benny Milam. Photo: Mary Walsh
Makes sense that Brock Crouch was dressed like The Hamburglar today because he stole the show at the bottom of The Launch setup. Photo: Mary Walsh
Triple deke's are pretty impressive, so is a single layed-out Zeke. Zeke Oppegaard. Photo: Mark Clavin
Gray sky at night, snowboard photographer’s delight. Dru Brownrigg. Photo: Mary Walsh
The new generation looks at doubles differently. Milo Malkoski and Matteo Soltane. Photo: Mary Walsh
Talk about earning your turns…Storm Rowe missed the last chair up to the park and hiked all the way up to The Launch park in order to send it on the channel gap. Kid’s an animal. Photo: Mary Walsh
Ready Orr not, here comes Denver. Photo: E-Stone
Oops! Gotcha nose! Gabe Ferguson. Photo: E-Stone
The Mountain Dewd, Red Gerard. Photo: E-Stone
This GIF is flippin’ ridiculous. Tyler Valliere. Photo: Huggy

words: Mark Clavin
photos: E-Stone, Huggy, Mary Walsh, Clavin, and T. Bird
captions: T.Bird, Clavin

Normally the proof is in the pudding, but we think these photos do the trick. Plus, it was less pudding and more snow at the 10th edition of The Launch presented by Oakley at Snow Summit, so the whole notion of pudding boarding is just absurd.


The day two sessions started heavy and fast. Most riders already had a look at the set up from day one, and the Snow Summit park staff expertly preserved the paths of titanic trajectory for them all to take full advantage. Brock Crouch, Gabe Ferguson, and Jaromie the Homie got things going on the lower features for a Facebook Live session in the morning, followed by Jack Coyne, Reid Smith, Cody Warble, Kix Camp, and many more reaching full send over the array of hips and jumps up top.

Salt was laid, sun screen was applied, and cameras snapped as riders solidified their lines under the Southern California sun. A rail session, on the flat-down feature, starring Benny Milam, Cooper Whittier, and Tyler Vallieres then closed out the first portion of the day with plenty of hoots and hollers.

After a two hour break to eat, hydrate, and allow for the park crew to maintain the features, the first official sunset shoot of the 2017 Launch commenced. To the joy of onlookers, including Lucas Magoon and Scott Blum, the young breed of boarders lit up the channel gap more than the natural sunlight falling on the north facing slope ever could. Dru Brownrigg, Red Gerard, Zeke Oppegaard, and the rest of the invitees threw down hammer after hammer. The airs were so good that Storm Rowe even hiked up from the very bottom of the resort after going to the wrong lift so he could keep lapping!

All in all, it was a session for the books… as well as a day for the books! It is like #TheLaunch2017 is already writing itself into #SNOWBOARDERXXX history, possibly earning the “X” that comes with a decade of progression (#TheLaunchX?). With two more days to come, there will be plenty of more action to follow up on! Check out the photos from day one here, and stay tuned for more from this years event at Snow Summit!

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