words: Mark Clavin
photos: Mary Walsh, E-Stone, Huggy, Jeep Eddy
captions: Mark Clavin, Pat Bridges

Day four, the finale, could be the most telling and impressive day of The Launch 2017 up at Snow Summit. After all of the photographers, filmers, and riders had three days to attack every angle of the set up, they still found creative new ways to hit features and keep the stoke at an all-time high.

Justin Phipps was collecting shots all day across the hill as Jamie Anderson hit features and interviewed the young snowboarding savants. Kix Kamp and Walker Murphy decided to get a little closer on their methods on the last day while Tyler Vallieres decided to hit a solo pond skim. Jack Wiley solidified everyones first day dream of gapping the whale back while Brock Crouch and Gabe Ferguson kept a seemingly relaxed pace through the park that would still leave most of us with our jaws on the floor.

Besides just another day of stacking clips, day four provides the loose environment of a job well done. Everyone might have had one more trick on the check list, but most of their feats have been conquered in the days leading up to the last few laps before they split for the plane. That being said, it by no means was lighter on tricks or shorter on airtime. Just check out photos and video for proof.

All in all, the tenth year of The Launch, with a big help from Snow Summit and Oakley, yet again delivered the features so another young generation of riders could progress and get to know one another. From Northstar until now, the early springtime slush at The Launch events have welcomed growth for every rider that has ever strapped in and left those of us watching in awe. We would like to extend a huge thank you to not just this year’s attendees, sponsors, and hard working park crew, but to all that have been involved over the past ten seasons! If we don’t see you at Superpark, hopefully we will see you on a powder day at your home hill.

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