The Launch 2019 at Bear Mountain Presented by O’Neill: Day 3 Photo Highlights

words: Mark Clavin/Mary Walsh
photos: Mike Yoshida, Mary Walsh, E-Stone, Chris Wellhausen, and Mark Clavin

Just because there is weather, doesn’t mean it has to be a down day. Day 3 from The Launch 2019 presented by O’Neill brought the fog, snow, and cold temps… but it also brought plenty of clips. Staying mostly in the upper tree section full of rails every which way, they jibbed everything in site. Miles Fallon unstrapped the hoof again, Denver Orr and Keegan Hosefros stayed with the style, Justin Phipps and Jack Wiley put down hammers, and Stan might have found a new love of corrugated tubes.

SBDR TheLaunch day3 March19 walsh 5
Justin Phipps. p: Mary Walsh

The lack of jumps due to visibility only made the riders double down on the tree jibs, corrugated tubes, barrels, proper metal rails, and two bmx jumps. Bear really put an insane amount of work into this setup, and the constant sessions no matter the conditions is a true testament to that.

We caught up with Denver Orr for a quick interview amongst the trees. Enjoy.

What number Launch is this for you right now, Denver?
Tres. Number three. Summit, Copper, Bear.

What’s your take on this year’s set up?
So sick. The in the tree stuff is so much better than rails right out in the middle of nowhere, I think. It’s kind of hidden and everybody seems to have more fun with it. I love that. And the big jump is so good and the tree jump—the one over the bushes and the building—is crazy. I love that thing. I knuckled it so hard. (laughs) That freaking tree pole jam? Psycho. Miles [Fallon] killed that thing the other day.

p: Clavin

What’s your favorite things out of all those things? What have you been digging riding on?
The donut is sick. The wallride at the bottom is really fun. I think my favorite is probably the middle first jump because it’s so floaty and you can fly. You’re just in the air forever. It’s so sick.

So you pretty much come to The Launch to decimate everything in your path. Last year, this earned you The Launch Standout. Who are some of the riders who influence the way you ride?
Dylan [Okurowski]. He’s definitely big time motivation and inspiration. He’s doing shit that I’ve never seen before all the time. [Luke] Winkelmann did a twelve on the jump in the sunset sesh and I literally cried. It was so sick. And then—fuck, there’s so many guys, it’s crazy. All my Utah boys. Those guys shred. I think Miles [Fallon], Dylan, and Luke are my main three men. They like are so good. Every time I ride with them it’s like “why am I riding with them?” (laughs) It’s so crazy. Oh, shout out to Keegan [Hosefros], also. Keegan’s my boy. He’s the man from Tahoe. He’s also nuts. I don’t know why I ride with him, he’s way too good for me.

Did you find that after winning Standout last year, your life changed?
For real. They made me an am on Lib Tech, so that’s pretty much the best thing. I didn’t know I was standout until half my friends knew—it was really cool because it was in the mag. I was so hyped and honored because, obviously, the first time I came to this I was like, “Wow. So many cool snowboarders here, it’s so sick.”

20190321 Launch Chris Wellhausen 752
Denver. p: Chris Wellhausen

And now you’re one of them.
And now, apparently, I am one. So that’s the tightest thing.

You always come prepared to The Launch with a pretty tight kit. What’s your wardrobe influence?
The bagginess is definitely my jam. I think there’s only a few kids who can rock skinny pants, like tight-ish. Style influence though, like wardrobe-wise, is probably just going to thrift stores because they have so much amazing stuff. That’s where I found this [points to dark green two-piece windbreaker and pants].Nike. Crazy. I don’t ride Nike. I haven’t worn a pair of Nikes since I was ten. But this thing is fresh and one of my homies was like, “Dude you did a switch back two and you looked like Tommy Gesme.” And I was like, “That’s my jam, I’m wearing this all the time.” Are you kidding me? So stoked.

What’s on tap the rest of the season for you?
Holy Bowly. So hyped for that. Superpark, going. PA, low key. So hyped. And I gotta work, because I don’t have money. Big construction. Big guns. That’s how we stay in shape, though. Oh and then digging at High Cascade all summer.

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