The Launch 2019 at Bear Mountain Presented by O’Neill: Day 4 Photo Highlights

words: Mark Clavin/Mary Walsh
photos: Mike Yoshida, Mary Walsh, E-Stone, Chris Wellhausen, and Mark Clavin

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That is all she wrote! The final day of The Launch 2019 presented by O’Neill at Bear Mountain has come and gone, and now we have the photos to prove it. To be honest, we weren’t sure what was going to be thrown down. After three days of constant lapping, the last day normally is reserved for leisurely airs… but nobody must have told the riders. An all out barrage of the biggest features in the park went down from sunup to sundown.

Jack Wiley. p: Clavin

The upper rail section started off the day while the lower volcanos spewed riders into the air as they made their way down to the chairs. The roller jumps in the middle of the run took a fair amount of beating as well. Always stepping up their game, the Bear park crew put in a few new features overnight and the kids did not ride by them unnoticed. Planting, stalling, and transferring all over a new lip installment in the lower park, the feature was quickly dubbed the “Railroad Ties” and was the focus of trains all day.

The Launch Yosh (1)
Eruption. Trevor Otterson and Justin Phipps. p: Yosh

The QP took its normal barrage in the midday, with Brandon Davis, Denver Orr, Jack Wiley, Miles Fallon, Justin Phipps, and plenty more getting their hits in. Then the big jump opened up again and all else ceased to be sessioned. Luke Winkelmann, Sean Fitzsimmons, Xander Raith, and plenty more shut it down with 12s just about every which way.

Denver Orr. p: Clavin

After a brief break for the salt to settle, the jump opened up once again and stayed open until the sun went down. Doubles became the norm, and by that we mean one person hitting the QP as the other soared over them from lip to landing on the jump. Miles Fallon and Justin Phipps both had one-footers for the two-hitter and Sean Fitzsimmons sent it to the moon over Jack Wiley. The Fava brothers got in on the session and Koleman Lecroy put down a switch back 1080 Japan that sent the peanut gallery into a frenzy. Just as we thought it was over, Justin Phipps asked his elders to try a triple with him. Keeping with the theme of the day, this was far from your average triple that goes down at X Games, Dew Tour, or the U.S. Open. Scott Blum tweaked a Method over a planting Phipps on the QP, while Tyler Flanagan popped over the jump. Timed up perfectly after the third try, the shot was logged, and the jump was closed.

Is this considered a two-footer? Miles Fallon and Justin Phipps. p: Clavin
Wellhausen Day04 Launch 06
Triples… the hard way. p: Chris Wellhausen

Huge thanks to Bear Mountain and O’Neill for the support! As for creative park setups, this one could have possibly been the best we have ever seen for The Launch. Keep checking back on @snowboardermag and follow #TheLaunch2019 for more clips and photos dropping from the past four days lapping with the next generation at The Launch presented by O’Neill North America!

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