Legally Stoned—Benny Milam, Cody Warble, and Reid Smith at Mt. Hood

Volcom’s Benny Milam, Cody Warble, and Reid Smith borrowed a 20-year-old camera from famed lensman/rider Seth Huot for a trip up to Mt. Hood and the results are a bit hazy. Allowing for more creative control than just under the feet, the three took turns behind the lens to document the riding, skating and Sasquatch hunting (shoutout to Lucas Magoon) for a Video Home Systems look at style on the rise in Oregon. We can’t speak to the legality of it all, but we can most definitely assure you that the air quality is high and these three are most definitely Stoned.

For a full write up from Reid, along with extra photos and stories behind the trip, check out the post on Volcom here. Trust us, if you have never been “Squatching”, you are going to want to check it out.

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