Lens Crafters: Nike Never Not with Joe Carlino and Per-Hampus Stalhandske

When Nike does something, they tend to do it right and so it was no surprise when they announced that they were making not one, but two full-length feature snowboard films this year, and also that they would be directed by two of the best snowboard cinematographers in the world today.

Joe Carlino is a soft-spoken East Coaster who, like many, migrated west for snow. He came up filming breakout releases from riders like Jed Anderson and Louif Paradis and then learned the ways of the backcountry from the likes of Devun Walsh and Iikka Backstrom. His style is heavily skate-influenced while at the same time embracing the environments that are unique to snowboarding. He's quickly become a go-to guy for some of our sport's best, which made him a clear choice for Nike to have head up the action-based part of Never Not.

Joe's counterpart in the Never Not project is Per-Hampus Stålhandske, a Scandinavian who's produced a series dubbed Actionhorse, which featured many of Europe's top shredders. By taking a slightly non-traditional approach to things, Per's movies became classics and his eye for capturing fun and the stoke of snowboarding made him a favorite to film with.

In creating Never Not, Nike has produced two very different looks at snowboarding and trusted both directors with their visions. SNOWBOARDER Magazine's Creative Director Pat Bridges recently spent some time with both Joe and Per-Hampus and what follows is a casual conversation between three people who love snowboarding about the ins and outs of making one of the biggest snowboarding movies of the year. It's slightly longer than most things we put out, but we guarantee that if you are a fan of snowboarding and snowboard films, you'll dig this edition of Lens Crafters.

– John Cavan